Mrs Zelickson

"Being a pioneer of Southern Saskatchewan, it is quite interesting to note the value of work which I have performed. Although not having the money in cash, I figure the experience is worth it. I am one of the oldest pioneers in Southern Saskatchewan, coming to this country in 1891 and settling with my husband in our present location in 1892. Having worked here for 33 years you will see in the latter part of this letter what I have done. On remarking the value of my work I do not reckon it the wage of a maid but I figure it as taking the produce to market... I estimate the value of my work for these 35 years as $141,578. I have cooked 361,351 meals, baked 78,800 loaves of bread, 12,045 cakes, 5,158 pies, preserved 3,300 quarts of fruit, churned 13,728 pounds of butter and raised 4,950 poultry. I have put in 48,180 hours scrubbing, cleaning and washing. I think this is quite a record and will be pleased to hear from any woman who can beat it."