Stories Untold: Jewish Pioneer Women 1850-1920: The Art of Andrea Kalinowski
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Bienvenidos a las casas reales and the New Mexico History Museum.

The Palace of the Governors, long home of the New Mexico History Museum, is at the center of New Mexico’s political and passionate past. Within the Palace walls pulse nearly 400 years of history, from the Spanish crown to Pueblo Indians to Mexican governors to U.S. military to American Territorial governors.

The Palace of the Governors, which became a museum in 1909, has been all things to New Mexico history for the past century. But that is about to change. With the planned new New Mexico History Museum, a 96,000-square-foot building scheduled to open in 2008, the Palace will become what New Mexicans have long known it to be: The biggest and best artifact ever placed in the state’s public trust.

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An online exhibition from the Palace of the Governors / New Mexico History Museum, organized by TREX
Traveling Exhibitions Program, with generous support from the Dobkin Family Foundation.